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Nadetech group counts with a wide experience in the nanotechnology and materials field. As a spin-off company of the Public University of Navarre, we count with a technological profile which allows us to provide a strong commitment to new lines of research, always looking to expand our knowledge and approach to customers.

Since its beginnings, the work of Nadetech has been focused on laboratory processes and their automation. Its objective lies on facilitating the labor of scientists, providing to the user the required equipment to perform the different deposition techniques. Its advanced mentality is reflected in the design and development of new equipments. Moreover, the company is always willing to collaborate with the client in the development of a equipment which satisfies its requirements. 

Its tight relationship with research groups has facilitated the testing and design of the equipments as well as developed a wide number of refereed scientific publications.


This company has received a grant which is 50% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the ERDF 2007-2013 Programme in Navarre


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