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ND Layer-by-Layer Coaters


The Nadetech ND-2D & ND-3D Multi Axis Dip Coaters are a system developed for the fabrication of thin films by wet deposition.

The Multi Axis system enjoys a 2 or 3 axis programmable cartesian system. This configuration offers a high versatility for multistep deposition which requires the consecutive immersion in vessels with different solutions. Its wide range allows depositing multiple samples at the same time. Moreover, its wide dipping out rates, which allows working from a minimun rate of 0.6 mm per inute to a maximum rate of 1000 mm per minute.




The ND-2D & ND-3D Dip Coaters are controlled by a user-friendly software based on Windows®, which allows programming different sequences adjusting the dipping parameters of each individual immersion step (immersion speed, withdrawal speed, vertical displacement, substrate initial position, immersion time, drying time) as well as the sequence parameters such as the number and position of the immersions steps in a deposition cycle, number of cycles to be repeated and many others. All these developed sequences can be stored in the PC for its subsequent recovery.


Vertical displacement
Horizontal displacement
Dipping speed range
Maximum sample weight
140 mm
400 mm
0.6 mm/min
1000 mm/min
1500 gr
220 mm
500x250 mm


Nadetech Innovations offers the possibility to its clients to modify the dimensions and characteristics of the ND-2D & ND-3D Dip Coaters in order to have equipment according to their necessities.








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