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ND-SP Precision Spray Coater    


The Precision Spray Coater ND-SP is a system developed for the fabrication and deposition of thin films via spray. ND-SP has been designed with the objective to perform Spray Coating techniques, such as Layer-by-Layerl, which require small drop sizes. Thanks to its precision spray nozzle, the system is capable to develop drops with a diameter of 10 micrometers as well as spray high viscosity liquids. 

The dissolution is supplied through a syringe pump which offers high precision, versatility, inter-change and an easily used system. The systems could be configured with as many nozzles as the client desires.



The software, which is based on Windows®, is of easy management and allows programming any type of spray sequence depending on the size of the samples as well as the number of deposition samples.







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