Our vision is to facilitate the knowledge transfer between Science and Industry, fostering the arrival to the society of advantages coming from the development of new materials.


Since our creation, we have been sharing our work with scientists and industry professionals, cooperating with them in the development of proper tools for their specific environments. Communication is crucial to succeed in this task, following the compromise of offering solutions able to deliver the maximum potential of materials.
We have the vision of facilitating the knowledge transfer between Science and Industry, fostering the arrival to the society of advantages coming from the development of new materials.

Nadetech comes from the research world. We were a group of academics and students working in electronics and sensors. The advantages of using new and advanced materials to explore enhanced capabilities have always been clear to us. Then we faced an exciting challenge, how could we handle these materials properly and maximize their benefits? As the equipment used were not the most suitable for our goals, we decided to build our own devices. This is how, searching for excellence, Nadetech was born.


People´s Lives

How a Company developing thin- film deposition solutions improves people’s lives?

In Nadetech people are the focus. Our team belongs to the first level, setting up the proper climate to develop each member both professional and personally. Our motivated team offers extraordinary support to the second level, wich is comprised of cooperators and customers, making their life easier. And here is where the third level is reached, the world, receiving products from our customers that improve people’s lives, as water-purification sensors or heart-attack prevention devices among many others.

Team Nadetech

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The applications of our coating technologies and services are diverse and our customers come from a broad array of industries including biomedicine, nanotechnology, photovoltaic cells, crystals and other advanced materials, sensors, hydrophobic surfaces, food industry, fuel cells…

A lot of parameters can be adjusted, large range of speed.
University of Pisa, Italy
Very intuitive and easy to manipulate
Public University of Navarra, Spain
Versatile, simple to use
Institute of Polymer Materials and Technology, Kazakhistan
Simplicity of using and not so much space dedicated to in the lab CNRS
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
Simplicity of design
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Efficient, easy to use
CETIM, Spain
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Innovation &

Cooperation is in our DNA. We are a bridge, a link between Science and Industry. The more links we establish, building a solid network, the better.

As a Certified Innovative SME, R&D projects are a crucial aspect of our activity.

Certified Innovative SME



We are certified in our region, understanding Social Responsibility as the voluntary integration in our business strategy of social, labor and environmental concerns, as well as respect for human rights, thus taking responsibility for the consequences and impacts that derive from our actions.

Certified Innovative SME