Adaptation to the laboratory equipment industry and its application with nanostructured materials

In Nadetech’s search to achieve a business model based on the sale of the complete product, including equipment, supplies and services, it is concluded that the company needs to have knowledge related to materials that give it the autonomy to be able to reach that milestone.

In addition, a possibility has been detected to increase the performance of the company’s equipment through accessories dedicated to measuring the layer thicknesses deposited by the equipment and monitoring the deposition conditions and the status of the elements that make up the machine, which would allow us to perform predictive maintenance.


There are other aspects that can be highly valued today, such as remote management of the equipment and the possibility of having it with connectivity and adapted to industry 4.0, a concept that is likely to end up encompassing the management of laboratories. All this would provide the equipment that added value that would make it a more complete and innovative product with respect to what exists on the market.


From the materials point of view, multiple laboratories and research centers are studying the properties offered by new materials, such as 2D materials or nanoparticles, in fields as varied as energy, computing or health. The generation of nanoparticles through processes and equipment developed by Nadetech is very attractive. In addition, the methods currently used for production involve many intermediate processes, which prevents their production on a large scale. Therefore, one of the tasks to be carried out during the development of this project is the design and manufacture of equipment adapted for the automatic production of nanoparticles.

In addition to optimizing the characteristics of the process, the possibility of improving the properties of the nanoparticles themselves, either in size, shape, coatings, unit cost … With regard to equipment, a condition monitoring system will be developed. of deposition and the status of the components that require it, also including a system that allows the monitoring of the thickness deposited by the equipment.


It is intended to develop an accessory that can be added and that works independently. This product will allow to monitor and characterize in situ the values of the thicknesses that are being carried out.