Nadetech would like to contribute to the development of ultra-thin coatings of two-dimensional (2D) materials for solid-state microelectronics devices and circuits, with direct application in memristive artificial neural networks.

This project is crucial for Nadetech so that it can expand its potential to different sectors. The technology proposed has direct application in the field of artificial intelligence, which is necessary to improve the economy, wellness and national security in modern societies.


The main challenge of this process will be to develop the machine that will produce the coatings, and to achieve homogeneous coatings that will result in a very low deviation of the electrical characteristics of the devices. If we achieve that, we will be able to sell both the coating machines and the 2D materials based electrical circuits. This will represent an important advancement in the field of nanotechnology since we will be creating a new machine for materials processing, and new electrical circuits with advanced capabilities. 


For the latest, it is expected to achieve brain-like learning in memristive crossbar arrays for artificial neural networks, something very complex using current CMOS technologies.

In order to reach these milestones, Nadetech will partner with the research team lead by Prof. Suidong Wang at Soochow University (China), which has extensive experience in developing both 2D materials based electronic devices and memristors for artificial neural networks.