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Construction of Dip-Coater


This paper describes construction of the “Dip-Coater”. The Dip-Coater serves to preparing ofthin layers in liquid solutions. The instrument holds the microscope slide and dips it into activesolution matter by defined velocity. The sample is dipped in the active solution matter for adjustedtime and it is pulled out also with defined velocity. The developed and functionally approved system was primarily applied in experimental deposition of thin layers. The system offered the realopportunity of successful applications in scholar tasks in educational process. Subjects that cancontribute to the development and construction of the system are the technology education ofmachinery the applied electronics and computer science. Another aim of the idea is the explorationof the existing or developed instruments and machines in educational process. The process shouldbe realized by the interactive observation and researching of machines focused to their principlesof function and their construction. Obtained theoretical knowledge and practical skills should beapplied in construction of the other devices with the same or similar principles but with differentpurpose. The project also includes development of own electronic controlling and interface circuitsand original software.

Keywords: Dip-Coater; Experimental device; Educational process; Technology education; Computer science.