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Development of Coaxial Electrospinning Technology
Ing. Lucie Vysloužilová


The thesis is focused on the coaxial electrospinning. This work examines and describes the process of electrospinning itself, the development of special coaxial spinning electrodes and the analysis of the core-shell structure of formed nanofibers. Parameters of the process for coaxial electrospinning are investigated as a fundamental basis for a design and development of the new coaxial spinning electrodes. Significant part of this work is aimed at an optimization of needleless coaxial spinning electrodes for productivity enhancement of coreshell nanofibers. The development of new methods and spinning electrodes is complicated
task requiring well cooperating team of experts from the ranks of engineers, technologists, scientists and designers. Many spinning electrodes mentioned in this work were developed in collaboration with other experts from the Department of Nonwovens and Nanofibrous materials and the Department of Textile Machine Design at Technical University of Liberec and with Audacio Company. Detailed analysis and investigation of the coaxial  electrospinning process were done and new knowledges were obtained within this work. This knowledge is necessary to ensure the optimal formation of core-shell nanofibers. Onset of the electrospinning process is observed with the focus on formation of a bi-component droplet or a polymeric two-layer at a needle or a needleless case, respectively. The overall course of the  electrospinning process is investigated in a great detail. Morphology analysis of the core-shell structure of produced nanofibers is the next goal of this thesis. An optimization of the process and materials parameters of the coaxial electrospinning leading to the core-shell nanofibers formation and a determination of the suitable and easy methods for an experimental proof of core-shell nanofibrous structure are main goals of this thesis.