The general objective of the project is to develop a modular air-conditioned cabin prepared for the needs of the I4.0 industry, which allows us to integrate most of our equipment and which is a differentiating feature to offer our customers.

Taking into account the tendency to use this type of equipment in bio, pharmaceutical, cosmetic sector, etc, it is important to start preparing these cabins so that they can be sterilized automatically.

Two prototypes of this cabin will be manufactured; one will be built in methacrylate on a metal drawer, which will function as an electrical cabinet, and another prototype will be built in metal. In addition, it is intended to adapt both cabins to industrial production, so that coatings on flexible membranes or sheets can be continuously manufactured.

The specific technical objectives pursued are the following:
• Capabilities for industry I4.0: incorporate parameter sensorization into the cabin; have a signal processing capacity by incorporating a PLC; communications with existing standards (USB, Ethernet connections) and foresee new standards (5G); remote management capacity from NADETECH (possibility of future predictive maintenance) and control of usage parameters.
• Characterization of the quality of coatings: develop a module that can be incorporated into the cabin or as a product, that allows to measure very quickly and on the same machine both the thickness obtained in the deposited layer and the feedback as the result for integration in a I4.0 manufacturing environment.


• X-Y table: develop an optional module to be incorporated into the cabin, in the X-Y displacement table, robust and low cost, with sterilization and heating capacity.
• Compactness: to achieve, by its design, a camera that is as compact as possible but that allows to house our wide range of equipment.
• Air conditioning: allow temperature and humidity control.
• Sterilization: possibility for the cabin to be sterilized so that it can be used in bio or pharmaceutical sectors
• Modularity: unique design with modular capabilities to be able to offer customers what they exactly need, allowing, in turn, a future upgrade.