Universidad de Valladolid/ Valladolid University

Valladolid University has used a ND-ROTARY COATER in the food and nasnoscience fields with different objectives: electrochemical sensors (to detect food compounds), “electronic tongues” (sensor networks to monitor wine), milk analysis.

Through the Layer-by-layer technique, glass, diamond electrodes and carbon have been recovered. To achieve this goal, numerous substances have been used, sucha as metallic nanoparticles and metallic nanowires.

According to what has been stated by the University, the main advatntage of the equipment manufactured by Nadetech is the quality. The equipment allows to produce high quality films through the Layer-by-Layer technique.

University of Valladolid trusts Nadetech Innovations because it is a reliable company that uses Spanish technology. The company provides a good service and high quality equipment.